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DataTron Computer Services is a VAR (Value Added Reseller) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Services and Systems are custom designed and developed to meet the exact needs of the client. Systems are built on a per order basis utilizing the latest in technology and only the highest quality products and software, such as: Microsoft, Mitsumi, Western Digital, Intel, ASUS, AMD,  Diamond, Samsung, NEC, Creative Labs, APC, Motorola, USR, Toshiba, Novell, Hewlett Packard, SMC, Seagate, Symantec, Iomega, Corel, Cheyenne, etc...

DataTron's quality products and services are available in South Florida. As always, systems are custom built, extensively tested, delivered and setup. We do not run a mail order or showroom business, but rather a Value Added level of service. Although we offer competitive prices, and deliver a better quality product, our customers are not bargain basement shoppers.

DataTron Computer Services is a:

Custom Built Servers

Custom Built Workstations

Contact Information

E-Mail Address: info@datatron.net
Web address: http://www.datatron.net
Office phone: 305-273-1155

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